Recycling Mark

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of packaging on the environment. Metal packaging is low carbon and resource efficient solution as it can be infinitely recycled and reaches a high recycling quota in Europe

Metal Packaging Europe encourages the licensed use of a Metal Recycles Forever Mark on-pack and off-pack as part of a behaviour change campaign, informing consumers about the inherent recyclability of metal packaging and encouraging them to recycle. We have created 15 language versions so that the Mark is understandable by consumers everywhere.

If your brand or organisation would like to participate in the campaign, and obtain a license, please find the Mark files and accompanying visual identity guideline documents below. You will also need to agree to abide by the terms of license which can be found here.

The Metal Recycles Forever Mark is trademarked and the exclusive property of Metal Packaging Europe. We offer brands a free license to use the Mark, however to safeguard that it is used in accordance with the guidelines, we would like to ask you to supply your name, company and agreement to abide by the guidelines.

If you require access to other Marks, please contact Metal Packaging Europe. Email:

Download the “Metal Recycles Forever Mark”

Download the guidelines

Off-Pack Guidelines On-Pack Guidelines