Our Vision

We want to establish the industry as a recognised and valuable contributor to sustainability, throughout the supply chain

Metal Packaging Europe gives Europe’s rigid metal packaging industry a unified voice, by bringing together manufacturers, suppliers, and national associations.

We proactively position and support the positive attributes and image of metal packaging through joint marketing, environmental and technical initiatives.

We represent the industry’s views and voice opinions so that stakeholders understand how metal packaging contributes to the Circular Economy.

we communicate

We communicate about the benefits of metal packaging in a consistent and dynamic way to brand owners, retailers and consumers across Europe.

we commision

We commission and distribute research demonstrating the advantages of metal packaging.

we monitor

We monitor the environmental performance of metal packaging and develop sustainability thinking, including position statements and commitments.

we liaise

We liaise with other industry associations to develop global messaging that matches our customers’ requirements.

we develop

Our expert technical commissions develop good practise guidelines to enhance the industry’s reputation for safety and reliability, ensuring members’ compliance with technical and legal standards.

  • Gordon Shade


  • Ellen Wauters

    Communications Manager & Secretary to the Beverage Commission

  • Lena Nover

    European Business & Sustainability Manager

  • Dimitrios Soutzoukis

    Technical & Sustainability Officer

  • Anne Marie Hamelton

    Secretary to the Food Contact Commission

  • Sien Van De Wiele

    Communications & Office Assistant

  • 65.000


  • 450

    sites producing
    metal packaging

  • 80%

    Small & medium-sized enterprises

  • 85 BNunits/year

    Production for the beverage, food, health & beauty, household and industrial markets

  • board of directors
  • corporate members
  • national associations
  • associate members
  • international associates
  • Martin Reynolds

    VP External & Regulatory Affairs CROWN Europe

  • Emilio Amati

    President ASA Group

  • Patrick BindSchedler

    CEO Massilly Holding

  • Peter Gasser

    Management Board

    Silgan Metal Packaging

  • Jerry Gifford

    President CROWN Europe

  • Colin Gillis

    President Ball Beverage Packaging Europe

  • Thomas Hagen

    CEO & Chairman of the Management Board HUBER Packaging

  • Francisco Rodgrigues

    Managing Director Colep

  • Zeki Saribekir

    CEO Sarten

  • Stephane Tondo

    President APEAL

  • Hugo Trappmann

    CEO Blechwarenfabrik

  • David Wall

    CEO Metal Division Ardagh Group

  • Isaias Zapata

    Glud & Marstrand

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Through regular cooperation and coordination, we are able to take advantage of good work done in different countries while ensuring we speak with one voice towards opinion leaders and stakeholders.

The industry needs a high profile in front of customers, retailers and regulatory bodies and this can only be achieved with metal packaging manufacturers and their suppliers working together and deciding their own future.

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