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Constellium and Novelis join Metal Packaging Europe

Metal Packaging Europe, the association bringing together European producers of rigid metal packaging and their supply chain partners, is pleased to announce that Constellium and Novelis have become associate members. They bring with them a notable sustainability record and industry vision.

Constellium and Novelis are leading and global aluminium manufacturers for the beverage and food markets. Together, they have 24 factories employing over 13.000 people across Europe. Andy Doran (Novelis) and Raphael Thevenin (Constellium) will be the representatives for their respective companies.

An extensive dialogue between the parties ensures that the new membership will bring value to the organisation through a commonly held ambition for the rigid metal packaging industry. This includes ensuring nothing less than a level playing field for all relevant European legislation, as well as targeted actions through the value chain to achieve further recognition of the important role our industry can play in a fully functioning circular economy.

Commenting upon the announcement, Alex Kuzan (VP Can Products, Novelis Europe) said: “This is the right choice for our companies and the members of Metal Packaging Europe and we are delighted to be able to support this forward looking organisation.”

Raphael Thevenin said: “This is an important step forward for our industry as we are always stronger and better collectively when it comes to promote the advantages of metal packaging.”

“With the addition of Constellium and Novelis, we now have the entire value chain for rigid metal packaging under one roof,” said Colin Gillis, Chairman of Metal Packaging Europe. “This will further ensure our industry speaks with one voice to different audiences across our relevant markets. As such, we have become a stronger industry body.”

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