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Enabling sustainable choices for consumers and businesses

The European rigid metal packaging industry supports the intention of the European Commission's Green Claims proposal to establish criteria against greenwashing and misleading environmental claims. We must equip consumers and businesses with reliable, comparable, and verifiable information to guide sustainable purchasing decisions.

A proposed legal framework to substantiate green claims based on reliable assessment is a positive step. However, there are limitations in the methods identified to calculate sustainable impacts. We welcome an open approach to developing robust criteria to ensure the credibility of green claims.

Environmental impacts such as CO2 emissions are often the focus of sustainable packaging assessments. However, measures should equally consider real recyclability and circularity. Avoidance of food waste, littering, biodiversity, and toxicity are additional metrics not sufficiently assessed by the current Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA) methodology.

This proposal provides a solid foundation to establish a level playing field and ensure that consumers and businesses can confidently choose environment-friendly products.



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