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The essential role of metal packaging should be recognised in the fight against food waste

MPE supports the targeted revision of the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) as part of the Biodiversity and Food Package adopted by the European Commission. While the revision primarily focuses on addressing textile waste, MPE welcomes the new provisions on food waste, namely preventing food waste generation and implementing prevention programs.

However, MPE is concerned that the essential role of packaging is not sufficiently recognised when addressing food waste, which represents the loss of a product and the resources used in the production process: land, raw materials, ingredients, water, energy, and people.

For Member States to achieve their reduction targets in primary production, processing and manufacturing, retail, and distribution, it is imperative to consider the packaging dimension. Food products require complete protection to reduce the risk of damage and waste during storage, handling, and use. Metal packaging, for example, contributes significantly to food waste prevention by protecting fresh products throughout the supply chain and providing a shelf life of up to five years without requiring refrigeration.

As the revision of the Waste Framework Directive progresses, MPE urges policymakers and stakeholders to recognise the essential role of packaging in the fight against food waste and to ensure that future regulations incorporate comprehensive measures to address this critical issue.

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