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Looking for a sustainable packaging solution? Choose metal packaging!

The metal packaging industry is proud to play a key role in reducing waste: infinitely recyclable with no loss of quality, it is hard to find a more sustainable packaging option than metal! Read on to explore why metal should be the first choice when it comes to sustainable packaging.

Metal Recycles Forever

Metal Recycles Forever

Metal is a recycling champion. Around 80% of metal ever produced is still in use and, with a recycling rate of 82.5% for steel cans and 74.5% for beverage cans, metal packaging boasts among the highest packaging recycling rates in the European Union.

As a permanent material that can be fully recycled over and over again with no loss of quality, metal forms part of a never-ending material loop, helping to create a truly resource-efficient society

Easy to recycle

Metal packaging is designed for recycling: not only is metal a fully recyclable permanent material, it is also easy to recycle!

Composed of one packaging material onlyit is quick and easy to sort and separate from other waste and to then recycle into new packaging and products. Scrap metal is easily recovered from metal recycling plants, remelted and reshaped into new products, over and over again.

Minimal invisible waste

Many production processes result in a significant amount of invisible waste; waste produced during the manufacturing process. 

The majority of the waste produced in the manufacturing of metal packaging, however, is scrap metal; a precious resource that never actually goes to waste!

Any scrap recovered from the manufacturing process is simply sent back to the metal suppliers to be reused in new metal applications, meaning that no scrap metal produced in the metal packaging manufacturing process ends up in landfills or incinerators.


Sustainable resource and waste management are essential to the future of our planet. Infinitely and easily recyclable, metal provides a practical and sustainable solution for all your packaging needs. So if you are looking for a way to reduce waste, make sure you choose metal packaging!


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