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The Loop - Celebrating the Beverage Can

We're pleased to share the first edition of The Loop, a digital magazine developed by MPE Beverage Members! This magazine dives into the world of aluminium beverage cans, showcasing their circularity, creativity, and endless versatility. Explore the first issue here and subscribe to receive future editions directly to your inbox through the subscription pop-up:

Each issue brings together specialist thought leaders and our valued partners – including European Aluminium, Alupro and Every Can Counts – to provide expert perspectives into our industry’s unique opportunities and challenges.

Claudia Bierth, Chair of the Beverage Executive Commission and European Public Affairs & Sustainability Manager at Ball, comments, “We’re very pleased to share The Loop, which represents a joint effort from the European beverage can industry. This first issue explores the current state of can recycling, the highlights of the Canette d’Or awards ceremony, recent trends in the beverage industry, why beverage brands are increasingly choosing the can format, and more.”


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