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Metal Packaging Europe announces a European partnership with Canstruction

Metal Packaging Europe is delighted to announce that they have entered into a licence agreement with Canstruction, the successful US food charity based in Atlanta. Canstruction has hosted many events showcasing magnificent statues made entirely of filled food cans, which are then donated to charities. The two parties will jointly accelerate the Canstruction activity across Europe in 2018, with new structure designs available for roll-out.

canstruction seahorseMetal Packaging Europe and Canstruction first joined forces in 2017 with events in Madrid, Lisbon and Istanbul where a guitar statue, made out of more than 1.000 tuna cans, triggered immediate positive feedback from the industry and its customers. The three events combined allowed over 7.000 filled cans to be gifted to local food banks.

This year, Metal Packaging Europe intends to further increase the scope. A seahorse and fish structure will be created, as well as a structure replicating the “Metal Recycles Forever” logo that is being increasingly used on cans to communicate the endless recycling potential of metal packaging.

These inspiring designs will put a visual spotlight on how cans, with their strength and natural preservation properties, contribute both to saving food and providing nutritious, safe and tasty meals for consumers.

"Since its creation, Canstruction has gifted over 32 million kilos of food worldwide to hunger relief organisations, with more than 12 million cans donated in 2017," says Carrie Kirk, President of Canstruction National Headquarters.

Ellen Wauters, Communications Director of Metal Packaging Europe, is excited about the cooperation: “We are proud to be connected to Canstruction. It is an outstanding programme to highlight the important role cans play in bringing nature’s goodness to consumers’ homes. Their creative concept combined with our members’ knowledge of the canned food value chain will offer many opportunities to further develop our industry’s corporate and social responsibility credentials.”


For further information about Metal Packaging Europe:

+32 2 535 76 51


About Metal Packaging Europe:

Metal Packaging Europe gives Europe’s rigid metal packaging industry a unified voice, by bringing together manufacturers, suppliers, and national associations. We proactively position and support the positive attributes and image of metal packaging through joint marketing, environmental and technical initiatives. We represent the industry’s views and voice opinions so that stakeholders understand how metal packaging contributes to the Circular Economy. Our goal is to make metal the preferred choice for consumer and industrial packaging.

About Metal Packaging:

Metal packaging is used throughout the retail, wholesale, commercial and industrial sectors. It comes in many shapes and sizes and can be used to package virtually any product. Some 85bn units are produced every year for the beverage, food, health & beauty, household and industrial markets. Made from permanent materials, metal packaging saves resources and continues to achieve record recycling rates in Europe, with a growing number of countries reaching in excess of 80%.

About Canstruction:

Canstruction, Inc. is a global non-profit food charity, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA. Having raised, over 72 million pounds of food worldwide, Canstruction hosts events in over 150 cities around the world to raise hunger awareness with its sculptures created out of canned food. To learn more, visit Canstruction® is a trademarked charity, no person or organization may organize a Canstruction® event or anything similar to a Canstruction® event without express written consent from Canstruction, Inc.


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