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Metal Packaging Europe stars with Recycles Mark Canstruction at Alimarket

Together with Ardagh Group and seafood company Cofisa, Metal Packaging Europe showcased a brand new Canstruction at the Alimarket Food Conference in Madrid on June 13. The wall of the “Metal Recycles Forever” logo was made out of 4.000 filled food cans, which were donated to local food bank Banco de Alimentos de Madrid after the event. The initiative communicated perfectly how metal packaging contributes to a truly circular economy and in fact, recycles forever.


The Recycles Mark wall proved to be an excellent way to communicate the endless recycling potential of metal packaging. The inspiring design put a spotlight on how the metal packaging industry intends to play a constructive role in the development of Europe’s circular economy with the goal of making its products the preferred choice for today’s environmentally conscious society. The industry’s presence was complemented by the comprehensive presentation of Gerónimo Meseguer, Commercial Director of CROWN Food Iberia.

The creative design also underlined the vital role cans play in bringing nature’s goodness to consumers’ homes. Fish, fruits and vegetables are captured at their peak of ripeness, ensuring generous harvests are not lost. Food cans are shelf life heroes: once sealed, they continue to preserve the food longer than any other packaging.

The Recyces Forever sculpture comprised 640 kilos of tuna, providing some 1.600 meals for a family of four. The food bank volunteers were delighted to accept the cheque and explained how food banks fulfil a key role in society today. In 2017, they helped up to 165.000 people with needs by distributing in excess of 20 million kilos of food.

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About Canstruction:

Canstruction, Inc. is a global non-profit food charity, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA. Having raised, over 72 million pounds of food worldwide, Canstruction hosts events in over 150 cities around the world to raise hunger awareness with its sculptures created out of canned food. To learn more, visit Canstruction® is a trademarked charity, no person or organization may organize a Canstruction® event or anything similar to a Canstruction® event without express written consent from Canstruction, Inc.

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