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Moving forward, Ahead of the Pack

Event highlights: presentations, Euractiv report & video

On January 23 Metal Packaging Europe organised ‘Ahead Of The Pack’ on the implementation of the Circular Economy in the packaging sector. The event brought together experts from academia, industry, civil society and the EU institutions to look at the progress towards circularity being made by industry, while also exploring the bigger picture, including the untouched potential and the level of ambition Europe should be seeking.   

Participants highlighted the implications of the paradigm shift for the design of packaging across the sector: light-weighting irrespective of recycling characteristics has been a dominant design feature for decades, but is now being replaced by design for recycling. All speaker presentations are available for download here, along with the event pictures.

Euractiv addressed in a special report metal’s head start when it comes to meeting the EU’s new recycling targets, thanks to its high recycling rates. They spoke with Maja Desgrées du Loû, Policy Officer of the European Commission, about the new calculation rules for recycling, which may have an influence on how well countries will be reaching their targets in the future. For the metal packaging industry perspective, have a look at the opinion piece by Gordon Shade, CEO of Metal Packaging Europe, covering the expected changes and remaining challenges for the industry.

Please see below a summary video of the event. 

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