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PPWR: A Step Towards Circularity

Today, the European Parliament gave its overwhelming support to the agreement on the Regulation of Packaging and Packaging Waste (PPWR). MPE welcomes this vote as it represents a decisive first step towards the practical implementation of this new legislation, which helps to embrace the objectives of the Green Deal and the fight against climate change.

MPE applauds the introduction of a specific provision on recyclability. Rigid metal packaging already meets many of the sustainability requirements of this legislation: highly recyclable with high-quality recycling and already recycled at scale, with figures that exceed the recycling rates required for 2025 (78.5% for steel and 76% for aluminium cans). Introducing a definition of high-quality recycling is a commendable element as this notion was employed in previous packaging legislation and the Waste Framework Directive without being defined.

Although MPE favoured a more ambitious implementation of the Deposit and Return System (DRS) for aluminium beverage containers, MPE welcomes the support of the two co-legislators for a mandatory DRS.

Nevertheless, MPE regrets the adoption of reuse targets as these measures do not consider the complementary nature of recycling and reuse or the contribution of existing highly recyclable and recycled packaging formats to the circular economy. MPE is concerned that this approach will favour specific materials on the market and may lead to an increase in non-recyclable packaging.

Looking ahead to the PPWR's implementation, MPE CEO Krassimira Kazashka emphasized collaboration: "MPE is hopeful that the specific characteristics of different packaging materials will be considered. Furthermore, effective involvement from various stakeholders is crucial for drafting these secondary legislative acts. By working together, we can ensure the PPWR's successful implementation and foster a sustainable future for packaging."


1 Recycling rate for all steel packaging segments (2021) -

2 Recycling rate for aluminium beverage cans (2021) -

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