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Premium, flavoured mineral waters? Yes, we can!

Flavoured waters

For consumers looking for pure refreshment in the form of premium (mineral) water – either with or without a twist of flavour – there is a veritable wave of options to choose from these days.

The flavoured and mineral waters market is one of the fastest growing in the world; currently good for over €50 billion in global value. And yes, like the parallel trend in craft beers, premium mixers and pre-mixed cocktails, cans are proving to be the container of choice in this particular niche market as well. And the reasons are manifold!

Creative opportunities

Cans, for one, offer multiple opportunities for the famously creative drinks industry to get ingenious with its branding: from innovative shapes, tactile finishes and embossed surfaces to glow-in-the-dark coatings… Also, the fact that cans allow for 360-degree messaging is another huge plus!   

Seal of quality

When exporting far and wide, cans are a logical choice, offering protection from both air and UV rays while keeping those all-important bubbles locked in tight. Such as those of Perrier’s naturally sparkling mineral water or Serbian brand Radenska’s innovative flavoured mineral waters.

MPE - Radesska - Flavoured water in cans© Radenska flavoured waters are available in 330ml cans.

MPE - Perrier - Flavoured water in cans© Perrier’s lime, lemon and Agrum flavoured waters are available in slim 250ml cans. 

Convenient refreshment

And when the time comes to break that seal, cans let you enjoy (flavoured) mineral water almost anywhere. All the more so in the case of CanO Water’s smart resealable can!

CanO Water

© CanO Water – Still and sparkling water in resealable cans. 

Sustainable stories

Cans also fit neatly within marketing stories that focus on the purity and cyclical nature of water, since you can recycle cans an infinite number of times. For the same reason, the UK brand, Dash has also chosen cans for its waters flavoured with “wonky fruit” – misshapen fruit and vegetables that don’t make the cut with the big retain chains. 

Dash flavoured waters

© Dash flavoured waters, made with ‘wonky’ fruit. 

In fact, when you stack up all the benefits of cans, it’s easy to see why they are helping the premium water segment see beyond the horizon!


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