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The Recycles Mark, a universal logo to engage consumers in the recycling loop

The Recycles Mark has been developed to unify environmental messaging across rigid metal packaging throughout Europe. This mark is the one recycling mark for all metal packaging with one clear message: metal recycles forever. 

Metal packaging has many advantages. It is made from a unique material with unrivalled resource efficient properties. In fact, the elemental properties of metal mean that it can be recycled forever with no loss of quality. It is the perfect example of a circular economy at work. As consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of packaging on the environment, Metal Packaging Europe encourages the licensed use of the Recycles Mark. 

Forever Recycles Mark - Can Freedea SodaRoyal Unibrew decided to use the Recycles Mark on its Freedea soda cans: Oran Soda, Lemon Soda, Mojito Soda and Pelmo Soda.


Emotionally engaging 

Research shows actual recycling behaviour always falls behind claimed behaviour*. To boost European metal packaging recycling rates we need a stronger emotional connection to change how we recycle and engage a recycling habit. The mark is designed to reassure consumers who already recycle that their efforts are worthwhile. Equally, whether consumers already recycle or not, the aim is to encourage them to reassess their view of metal packaging’s sustainability credentials. (*Ipera consumer attitudes and behaviours study)


One identity = consistent and cohesive communication

The Recycles Mark removes confusion and clutter. Current environmental messages and claims are fragmented, have low consumer engagement and are camouflaged. The logo shows a universally understandable image of infinite recycling. The industry and brand owners can unite behind an efficient and simple unified message.

Forever Recycles Mark

Easy implementation

The mark is designed for easy implementation across all pack formats or product applications. It can work both on-pack and off-pack and can be integrated with at-home and out-of-home collection campaigns, marketing materials and recycling centres. It consists of a controlled image and is trademark protected. It is free to licence and use in 17 language versions, as long as the brand guidelines are applied. 

Why get involved?

Opting into the mark has important benefits for brand owners in terms of communicating their sustainability credentials. By using it, on-pack or off-pack, they demonstrate to consumers that they have chosen a packaging material that is fully able to participate in the circular economy. Companies definitely benefit from an enhanced brand image in consumers’ eyes. 84%* of consumers agreed companies could provide more information on recycling. 74%* would feel better about the company if they supported recycling. 

Essentially, the rewards are twofold: it will help brands to meet their own increasingly ambitious resource-efficiency targets thanks to resulting changes in consumer behaviour, while enabling them to take part in a campaign to boost overall consumer awareness of recycling issues. (*Madano and Forum for the Future consumer attitudes study. 2014)

Forever Recycles Mark - CansThe Garden Brewery (Croatia) beer range with Metal Recycles Forever logo.

Forever Recycles Mark - CansThe Metal Recycles Forever logo on a can of MK IPA (The  Concrete Cow Brewery).

The mark’s introduction is based on the assumption that ‘closing the loop’ will be an increasingly central goal for brands, retailers and the supply chain in the drive towards ever-more sustainable consumption models.

For more information, to download the Recycles Mark or to read the visual identity guidelines, go to


Metal Packaging Europe gives Europe’s rigid metal packaging industry a unified voice, by bringing together manufacturers, suppliers, and national associations. We proactively position and support the positive attributes and image of metal packaging through joint marketing, environmental and technical initiatives.

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