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Sustainability in Packaging Europe 2023

MPE was delighted to join 500 packaging experts in Barcelona to highlight the circularity of rigid metal packaging! Ahead of the approaching ENVI vote on the PPWR, we emphasised our support for a clear definition of high-quality recycling that includes the ability of a material to withstand multiple recycling loops without any change to its inherent properties. Criteria to assess recyclability should be clear, harmonised among materials, and enforceable. Recyclable packaging formats should be collected, sorted, and recycled at scale into secondary materials with sufficient quality to substitute primary raw materials. When assessing the circularity of packaging, Romeo Pavanello presented the Material Circularity Indicator (MCI), developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, as a valuable tool that, together with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), can provide a comprehensive overview of product sustainability, emphasising the importance of considering factors such as the durability of products, the longevity of packaging, the role in food waste prevention and the ability to be recycled multiple times without changes to their inherent properties.

Key observations 🔍⬇️:

  • We need to educate and activate consumers. Clear and harmonised labelling will be crucial to help ensure that the most sustainable packaging options are easy to identify and recycle.
  • Highlighted by all members of the Permanent Materials Alliance who attended the event, the benefits of permanent materials (aluminium, glass, and steel) are becoming more widely understood.
  • Collaboration across the packaging industry is essential to transition towards a more circular economy ♾🎯.


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