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Trend spotted: Innovative drinks in a can

Cans offer many benefits: they cool rapidly when stored in a fridge, you can easily take them everywhere and you have the choice between a single serving can or a bigger-sized one to share with your friends. An increasing number of drinks producers are now enjoying the advantages of cans. And the consumers? Well, they are very much on board too. Let’s have a look.



Milk in a can? It works well. Mio Milk Shakes, the result of an expertly crafted marketing strategy, have particularly caught the imagination of the youth of today. For the time being, the five flavours (apple, vanilla, strawberry, pear and blackcurrant & mint) are only available in Russia.




Coca-Cola launched a global joint collaboration with the Italian coffee brand illy. The first fruit of this is illy Ready to Drink: three flavours of iced coffee … in a can. From now, you can always have a refreshing shot of caffeine within arm’s reach.



Craft beers

Canned craft beers are a booming business around the world with hundreds of craft brewers popping up. As they are so passionate about their product, they want a packaging solution that safeguards the beers’ taste and authenticity. It would also highlight the brand identity and catch the consumer’s eye. Harbour found a partner in the can. Their fruity Antipodean IPA (India Pale Ale) is only available in 33cl cans.




Some drinks, such as cider, taste best when served ice cold. Fortunately, canned drinks cool down very quickly and remain cool long enough so you can enjoy your drink to the end. That is why it was a wise decision of Black Diamond Cider to offer their creation in a can.




Why should wine always be “bottled”? Wild Pelican surprises with red, white, and rosé wine … in a can. A smart move as oxygen, light and cork can’t impact the taste of the wine. An additional advantage is that a can is portion sized, so no need to open a whole bottle if you only want one glass.

Caroline Ruijg, brand owner of Wild Pelican in The Drinks Report: “Whilst on a plane on my way to a holiday in Thailand, I ordered a glass of Australian wine. When it arrived I noticed it was served from a can, and I remember thinking what a brilliant idea this was! It was this moment that inspired me to create an ambitious, innovative, and yet sophisticated, high power wine brand that could appeal to a large consumer group, with wines from all over the world...and Wild Peli “CAN” was born!”




For a can full of bubbles, you don’t need to look further than Rich. Paris Hilton is already a fan: “Drinking Prosecco from a can is delicious; as you sip, the pearling sensation of the cool, fresh-tasting Prosecco ripples over the lip of the can to dance on your tongue”.




Looking for that perfect summer drink? Try Malibu Strawberry Kiwi. There is no need to measure and mix quantities as you already have a perfectly proportioned cocktail in the can.


There are already an enormous variety of canned drinks available. Cans offer many benefits: the taste is preserved, drinks remain cooler for a longer time, they are perfect for on-the-go consumption and they can’t be broken.

Furthermore, the smaller packaging is ideal if a customer wants to take his favourite beverage to the beach, to school or to work. There is no doubt the number of drinks offered in a can will continue to grow in the future.

This blog post is only the start of a long series of posts about beverage cans. In the next few weeks you will discover more about printing techniques, the use of cans in marketing campaigns as well as fun can facts.

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